Isnin, 8 Mac 2010

Fully breastfeed my little miracle from birth till now 6months old

sedar2 masa berlalu dgn pantas..dan impianku sudah berjaya 25%...
Mmg aim nak fully bf my little miracle (hafsah) up to two years, and alhamdulillah, sampai skrg fully bf dia..

Lots of things I learned and I practice as much as I can. I try to be as natural as possible as not to eat any so called 'herbs' to increase my milk supply.

This blog is to motivate myself and OF COURSE as well as ALL mommies out there, who really take care of their babies and LOVE the gifts that Allah gave to them to take care of.
I enjoy every moment Hafsah minum susu & always berzikir while she drinks and syukur to Allah as He gaves me the opportunity to fullybreastfeed hafsah until NOW.

All items sell here is only my "extra" stuff that I bought "NEW" and "USED". The condition of each item will be stated there. If anyone interested to buy them, LET ME KNOW ASAP :)

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